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Shiwani Diwan, 26

FURR Illuminating Face Serum is enriched with 20% Vitamin C.✨ It prevents my skin from Radical Damage and Reduces Hyperpigmentation.

Taniya Atmaramani, 24

Deep Nourishment is really important for my skin to look healthy! And FURR Exfoliating Face Serum gives my skin the required nourishment! It is infused with 25% AHA to reduce blemishes, tan & acne marks & the 2% BHA combats acne, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Naman Jain, 23

Used these nose strips for the first time, was very easy to use. very good results, I recommend using this!

Dr. Rhea Khanna, 28

Removing Blackheads is now so easy for me with FURR Charcoal Nose Strips. ✨ These strips are enriched with Aloe Vera & Tea Tree extracts to ensure my nose gets the nourishment it needs and reduces whiteheads & blackheads with absolute ease!

"For every wise question, an answer is a must."
FURR is more than just a skincare category of products; it is a belief that allows you to cherish who you are and embrace it to the full extent through its unique ingredient choice and the benefits it offers. The FURRtastic range of skin, body, and hair care essentials for you is as FURRtastic as it sounds!